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“I no longer have to spend 5 hours doing a sew-in or making an unsanitary u-part wig. Now I sell Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-in Virgin Hair units to my clients. I save hours on the install and removal. I also make a ton of money by selling the units to my clients. I made $250 the first day I joined! I make even more money because I can now do more clients per day the install is so quick!”
-Kendra T.

Stop spending 5 hours making a u-part or doing a full a sew-in weave. Now you can spend less time behind the chair and DOUBLE your income by joining Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-ins Partner Stylist online program! You don’t have to keep any inventory or deal with customer service. We do it all for you!

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With Hollywood 10 Minute Sew-in Units, you will save hours on the install and
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Here’s an inside look at our PATENTED hair extension. The OPEN CAP allows you to provide a healthy, sanitary, quick and easy sew-in to your clients in only 10 minutes!

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Now you can offer your clients the same product that has been all over the Hollywood, celebrity and reality star scene! Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-in has been seen at the Grammys, BET Awards, Black Mens Magazine, New York Fashion Week, Russell Simmons Fashion show, VH1, Cosmopolitain magazine and more!


Customer Testimonial

    • “I love that it only takes my stylist 10 minutes to sew this in and that the open cap allows my scalp to breathe. I will never go back to having each track sewn in again!”

Celebrity Stylist Iyana Whitfield Loves us

  • “Celebrity Hair stylist Iyana has styled celebrities such as R&B Star Ashanti, Tahiry Jose from Love and Hip hop New York, and more. She has used the Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In on multiple clients, tv shows and photoshoots and always RAVES about our product. ”

How our Stylist Partner Program Works

Currently you most likely send your clients to a local beauty supply store or to an online hair store. You then spend hours installing each track on your client or ours making a u-part wig and then installing it on your client. This process keeps you working long hours, stuck in the salon, not making the kind of money you truly deserve to make. You deserve to have FREEDOM OF MONEY AND FREEDOM OF TIME. You deserve to make 6 figures while working less! Now you can! Join our program and work SMARTER NOT HARDER!


  • Join our program by simply signing filling out the form below. It’s free to join!
  • Refer your clients to your own personalized website, that we provide you with, where they will pick the style they want and buy right from your website
  • We will ship out the product directly to your client within and we will handle all of the customer service.
  • You will get 15% commission on the products you customer purchase. This is real money that you can use to pay your bills, treat yourself to something nice or whatever you’d like.
  • Finally, install the easy to install unit on your client within 10 minutes or less. Save time on the install, make money on the product and save time during maintenance visits.

Our Stylist Partners Work Smarter Not Harder by

  • Earning high commissions from selling our products
  • Saving time on the install
  • Saving time during maintenance visits
  • Completing more sew-ins in one day
  • Making more money while working less

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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining our Hairstylist Partner Program is 100% free. No startup costs are involved.

You will get paid every 2 weeks via your choice of Paypal or venmo. To sign up for paypal click here. To sign up for venmo click here.

We offer 100%Virgin Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian and Mongolian hair. Our Supreme Luxury Virgin Hair can lasts 2 years or more. Our Traditional Virgin Hair lasts approximately 9 months.

Yes. You must have an active license to join.

It depends on the density (number of bundles on the unit), length and texture. Our Traditional Virgin Hair starts at $89 per bundle. Our Supreme Virgin hair starts at $149 per bundle.

Yes. You can order a sample ring of textures as well as a sample of our patented hair

Our stylist program offers a 30 day return policy. If there are any issues with the product, your customer can return it for a new unit at no cost to them, even if the hair has been worn or altered. We want you and your customer to love their Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-in!