Traditional Virgin Malaysian Hair Weave

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Traditional Virgin Malaysian Hair Weave

  • 100% Virgin Hair
  • 10 Minute Install/5 Minute Removal
  • Double Reinforced Wefts which results in Minimum shedding
  • Authentic Virgin Hair which results in Minimum tangling
  • Almost 30-40% less than our "Supreme Luxury" Virgin Hair
  • Last approximately 9 months to 1yr
  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars
  • Money Back Guarantee

Regular Price: $198.00

Sale Price $99.00


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Regular Price: $198.00

Sale Price $99.00

FAQ: What’s the difference between the Traditional Virgin Hair and Supreme Luxury Virgin Hair?
Our Supreme Luxury Virgin Hair 10 Minute Sew-in units are what you have seen on celebs and reality stars from BRAVO and more! Our Supreme Virgin hair can last up to 2 years and longer, while the Traditional Virgin hair will last approximately 9 months - 1 year. Both products can be dyed, but only the Supreme Hair should be bleached. Our Traditional Virgin hair starts at $99 per bundle. Click here to see our Traditional Virgin Hair options. For more information on our virgin hair click here

  • Watch our Commercial Here

  • Take a closer look at the Ten Minute Sew-In.

  • Watch as Simone sews in the 10 Minute Sew-in with a matching lace closure.

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How To Order

How to order

  1. 1Review the videos above to determine which density and lengths you need
  2. 2Select the density (# of bundles) from the drop down box above (*note, the price will adjust according to the density you select)
  3. 3Select the lengths from the drop down box above
  4. 4Add to cart and checkout!

Tip: If you do not see the density and weight combination you desire, you can create a custom unit. Please note that while in stock items ship out within 24 hours, custom units take approximately 21 days to ship.

Product Description


Malaysian Hair Weave

For those looking for a more economical version of our product, our Virgin Malaysian Hair Ten Minute Sew-Ins are the perfect option! The hair is just a beautiful as our “Luxury” virgin hair but may require a little more maintenance. See the comparison below to understand the difference of our regular Virgin Hair vs our “Luxury” Virgin Hair.

Our Regular Virgin Hair

  1. 1Only offered in 1 texture which is silkier than our Luxury Virgin Hair.
  2. 2Double Reinforced Wefts (Normal Shedding)
  3. 3Needs more moisture (regular conditioning recommended)
  4. 4Will last 9- 12 months (for most people it will last even longer)
  5. 5Slightly different cap design.
  6. 6We purchase this hair in bulk.
  7. 7Similar to traditional virgin hair companies on the market.
  8. 8Starts at $89 per bundle

Our "Luxury" Virgin Hair

  1. 1Offered in multiple textures
  2. 2Triple reinforced wefts (minimum shedding)
  3. 3Last multiple years (at least 1 year but form many women it lasts up to 2 years)
  4. 4We hand select this hair for the highest quality possible
  5. 5Only a few companies sell “Luxury” virgin hair, we are one of them
  6. 6Starts at $159 per bundle
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How to install

  1. 1Decide how much hair you want to leave out at the top and sides of the head. Position the unit on the top of the head in a “U”, “V”, rectangle or similar shape to help you determine how much hair you should leave out. This product can be positioned to be worn with a center part, left part, right part or no part at all just like a traditional track by track sew-in.
  2. 2Now decide how much of your client’s edges you want to leave out based upon their head size, and their desires. Remember the side tabs that you will sew down are customizable to the clients own individual hair line. This means you can trim the side tabs with scissors to fit their individual desires. Be sure to only cut the side tabs and not the actual unit. You can tell the difference between the unit and the tabs by the way it feels and looks. The side tabs are a net like material with hand tied hair attached. See picture below This is the tab that you will see on the inside of your unit. This picture shows the right side tab. If you trim to the left of where the scissors are in this picture, you will damage your unit. You can trim anywhere within the net area (to the right of the scissors in this picture). On the other side of your unit is the left side tab, which can be trimmed as well. Once you understand exactly what to trim and what not to trim you can now proceed with trimming the edges. Note: You do not have to trim the side tabs at all should you or client decide not to have a side leave out.
  3. 3 Blend the leave out hair, style and you’re done!
  4. 4 The first time you install the Ten Minute Sew-in it may take more than 10 minutes, but once the sides have been customized to the clients head and you have experience installing it, it can take you ten minutes or less to install and most certainly 5 minutes or less to remove.
  • Add wig clips to the unit to make it a 10 second Sew-In


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it really take less than 10 minutes to install?

Yes and with experience it will take even less time as you or your stylist gets use to installing the product.

Does it really only take less than 5 minutes to take out?

Yes, especially if someone else is taking it out for you, which it will take maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

Can I really still wash my hair just like my normal track-by-track sew-in?

Absolutely! The open cap allows you to have complete access to your own hair, which means you can wash your hair and nourish it as often as you need to with the product still on your head. Or you have the choice to remove the product (because it only takes 5 minutes to remove) wash your hair and then reinstall it because it only takes 10 minutes to re-install.

How is this different from a U-part wig?

Yes, this is different than a u-part wig for a number of reasons.

  • This is NOT a wig. This is a sew-in unit. When you apply it it will feel light weight and very much like you have a regular track by track sew-in.
  • The OPEN CAP design gives you complete accessibility to your own hair/braids underneath. This means that you can moisturize your braids with out removing it, just like you would with a regular sew-in. You can wash your own hair underneath while leaving the unit on or you can go swimming during your summer vacations just like with a normal sew-in.
  • The Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In will allow your hair and scalp to BREATHE unlike a wig or upart. Wearing a wig or upart as a sew-in is unhealthy for your hair and scalp. Wigs and u-parts are meant to be worn for several hours at a time, not to be worn for weeks and months at a time. . Our unit was designed to be worn for multiple months at a time, just like a traditional sew-in. Our unit is a healthy and sanitary option for your hair and scalp. Not only will it decrease the time to install a sew-in but it can also drastically decrease the "pat your head" syndrome that wigs and even traditional sew-ins cause. Our unit allows proper ventilation for your hair and scalp.
  • The Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In can also be worn with a center part, right or left part. Because of the flexibility of the design you can position the unit in multiple locations on your head.
  • The Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In is already made for you. So stop spending hours making a wig that doesn't allow our hair and scalp to breathe when you can have the Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-in for the same price or less.
If the item I want is on BACKORDER how long does it normally take for the item to ship?

As of mid June 2014 a typical backorder averages 7-10 days before the item will ship.

What shipping option should I select?

If you choose "Free" shipping, your item will be shipped ground and can take around 7 -10 days. Your item will also be left left at your door step requiring no signature. We are not responsible should something happen to your item.

If you choose "Priority" your item will get to you within 3 days and will require a signature.

If you choose "Express" your item will be sent overnight and will require a signature.

How does the new feature (extended side tabs) allow me to customize it the size of my head?

The new side extensions allow you to trim the product along the edges of your side hairlines. This gives you complete control on whether you want to leave hair out on the side, how much you want to leave out and/or if you decide to not leave any hair out on the sides at all.

What color does your virgin hair come in?

100% Virgin hair comes in a natural black/brown 2b. Our hair is black with a brown tint. Under certain light the hair looks lighter brown. You can use a rinse to darken the hair if you need to or you can use hair color to lighten the hair to your desired color. We also offer a coloring service if you would like us to darken the hair to a 1b for you. Otherwise, you or your stylist can very easily darken or lighten the hair to your desired color.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In. If you are not satisfied you can return the product within 7 days of receipt. The product must be unused to receive a full refund minus a 10% restocking fee. You can also exchange the product for any other Ten Minute Sew-In products. If you have used the product by either trimming the edges, cutting the hair or wearing the unit and it is not in it's original condition, you may still be able to receive a partial refund of 50%-75% depending on the condition of the product. Please allow upto 4 weeks for your refund to process.

Do you sell weft/bundle hair?

No. We now sell closures for those who do not want to leave a leave out.

How long does virgin hair last?

Virgin hair can last for as long as you properly take care of it. It can last for multiple months up to years depending on how well you take care of the hair by using non-harsh shampoo and conditioners as well as using non harsh hair dyes or semi permanent colors. For most people it will last around 1yr.

Will I experience any matting, tangling or excessive shedding?


There may me slight tangling for very long hair, this is natural due to the length of the hair. Our wefts are reinforced therefore you will only experience very minimal shedding with each wash. The first wash may have more shedding due to left over hairs from the manufacturing proceeds but they will still not be excessive. Every wash after the first wash should be very minimal. We do not expect that you will have any problems. However, if you have any issues with tangling, matting or shedding please contact our customer support team to discuss your return and/or exchange options.

Do you offer other textures other than straight, relaxed and wavy/curly?

We are working on making our other textures available to the public. As of now they are only available to select salons and hair boutiques. If you have a texture recommendation, you can submit your request to our customer support team and we will work on making customer requested textures available to the mass public.

Can I recommend a texture?

Absolutely. We love receiving texture recommendations from customers. You can send us a small sample of your favorite texture or you can take a picture and we will research and decide if your favorite texture will be added to our stock.

Can I recommend styles such as length mixes?

Absolutely! If you have a favorite layer styled such as 10 inch on top 14 in the middle and 18 on the bottom, feel free to make a recommendation to our team. Or maybe you have seen an awesome bob cut you would like to see in our stock. Just let us know your wishes and we just may add your favorite mixture of lengths to one of our hair designs.

Does your virgin hair matt or tangle?


I am a hairstylist and I want to resell your product, do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do! Please email our Stylist Affiliate Program at to receive further details on our resell programs for hairstylist.

If I am unhappy with the product can I return or exchange it?

Yes, you can return your item within 7 days of purchase. Please see our returns and exchange policy page for further details.

Do I have to have to leave my hair out or can I use a closure?

The sew-ins do not require you to leave any of your hair out. We have several options for closures that can be sewn on to your hair. Click here to see closure options.



  1. 1In stock order can take 1-2 days to process.
  2. 2Priority Mail will allow your product to arrive within 2-3 business days.
  3. 3Express Mail will arrive within 1-2 business days.
  4. 4Express mail international can take 7-14 business days (not including any possible custom delays which we have no control over and every country has a different customs turn around time)

Most commonly asked question:

Is the Tradition Virgin Malaysian Hair the same texture as the Supreme Luxury Virgin Malaysian Salon Relaxed?

Almost, but not quite. As mentioned above, the quality is definitely different since the Supreme Luxury will last much longer of course. However, another difference is the actual texture itself. You will notice that Traditional Virgin Malaysian hair weave is a little more silky than the Supreme Luxury Malaysian Salon Relaxed which has a little more coarseness to it giving it the perfect luster match for African American hair.

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